2021 Local Elections (First Phase)

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On September 6th 2021, the Palestinian Cabinet issued decision No. (18/123) for 2021 calling to hold the (First Phase) of the Local Council Elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 387 localities comprising of all classified as “C” municipalities and village councils. Polling day for this phase is set for 11/12/2021.
In accordance with the following Palestinian Cabinet’s decision No.(18/126), which was issued on the 27th of September 2021,it was decided to postpone the elections in 11 Gaza strip localities from taking place in the (First Phase) to the (Second Phase) making the number of localities, for the (First Phase) of the elections, 376 in the West bank.

According to the same decision, Polling day for the (Second Phase) is set for 26/03/2022, and it will take place in 66 localities. 55 of which are classified as (A) and (B) localities in the West bank and Gaza Strip. While 11 of which, are classified as “C” localities in the Gaza strip, and were previously included in the (First Phase) of the elections.

List of Local Authorites Voting on Saturday 11/12/2021

Polling Centers

In accordance with the Cabinet’s decisions, and with the Local Council Elections Law No. (10) of 2005 and its amendments, the CEC set the calendar and the legal timelines for the (First Phase) of the 2021 Local Elections to be as follows:


Voter Registration, exhibition and Challenge

This stage starts on Sunday morning 3/10/2021, and ends on Thursday evening 7/10/2021.



Nomination applications can be received on Tuesday morning 26/10/2021 for 10 days, and will be closing on Thursday evening 4/11/2021. Publishing the final registry of electoral lists and their candidates will be on November 27, 2021 in conjunction with start of the Election Campaigning phase.


Election Campaigning 

Election Campaigning starts on Saturday morning 27/11/2021 and will last for 13 days, ending with the start of the campaign silence period on Thursday 9/12/2021.


Polling and Counting

Polling day will be on Saturday 11/12/2021, for the first phase of the 2021 Local Elections. Declaration of preliminary election results will be on the following day, and the final election results will be announced within 72 hours form the end of polling and counting.


 Presidential Decree on the number of council members of local authorities with Christian Population Percentage

 List of localities for the (First Phase) of the 2021 Local Elections

 Summary of localities with Data on Eligible Voters

 List of localities with Data on Eligible Voter

More Information about the 2021 local elections:

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