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CEC Offices

The Headquarters

The Head Office is located in the city of Al-Bireh and contains the offices of the Chairman and the Commissioners. The office of the Chief Electoral Officer and the various departments of the Central Electoral Office are also located here.

The Regional Office

The Regional Office is located in the Gaza Strip and is considered an extension of the Headquarters. The Regional Office coordinates with the Electoral District Offices in the Gaza Strip, supervises their work and submits reports to the Headquarters.

Electoral District Offices

The sixteen Electoral District Offices supervise the execution of the various electoral processes, such as voter registration, polling, and the counting of votes, within the boundaries of each district. Each of these offices report to the Headquarters.

Registration and Polling Centers

These are the centers at which members of the public register to vote and cast their ballots on polling day. The registration and polling centers are distributed throughout all districts according to the population of each locality.


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