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The Central Elections Commission (CEC) works through the implementation of electoral laws and regulations that govern its work. The work of the Commission is confined to the technical, administrative and executive aspects of the electoral process and doesn’t include developing or modifying electoral laws. The impartiality of the Commission is not only related to dealing with the various election stakeholders, but extends to the issues related to the electoral system and any proposed amendments to it. The CEC does not take any stance with relation to the form of the electoral system that should be adopted, or the number of members of the Legislative Council or granting quota for women.


There are various legislations and laws governing the work of the CEC such as the Basic Law, election laws and Presidential decrees and decisions. The CEC implements the electoral systems as set by the legislature for either local or general elections.


In some cases, the Commission presents its technical observations on these laws and regulations without interfering in the political issues governing the decision-making process. Within this general concept, the CEC submitted a number of memoranda to the competent legislative authorities indicating its view on the procedural aspects of the law and the proposed technical amendments based on its previous experience in the application of these rules and regulations. 

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