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Capacity Building Projects

  • 2015
  • 2010
  • 2009

Capacity Building of an Electoral Staff Project- 2015

As part of the Central Elections Commission (CEC)’s continuous efforts to increase its readiness to perform any electoral process aligned with the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and professionalism, CEC assigns a set of procedures and projects aiming to raise electoral awareness and develop a qualified staff. One of these projects is the Capacity Building Project of 2015, which was funded by the Norwegian Government, and it aimed to train and qualify university fresh graduates of different disciplines.

The project targeted 300 participants (M/F) from all over the West Bank (WB) and Gaza Strip (GS), with the objective of training them to be qualified to assist in any upcoming electoral event. In addition to that, the project aimed at: raising electoral awareness among the youth, transferring electoral information to a wider range of people, and by the end of the project, having a big database of qualified young people prepared to work and assist in any electoral process.

CEC started the capacity building for the young participants with holding 11 specialized training courses in the different districts; each course lasted for 3 consecutive days, with a total of 18 training hours. The participants received a set of different interactive trainings and activities in various subjects related to the elections. The trainings were designed in a way that presented the biggest amount of material about the electoral process and practical procedures in an interactive and participatory way between the trainees, in order to refine their electoral knowledge and practical skills.

The training courses covered different subjects related to the elections like: international elections standards, electoral districts, electoral systems, Palestinian electoral laws and legislations, the electoral cycle, electoral awareness and voter education, in addition to the different electoral stages starting with the voter registry, to nomination, electoral campaigning, and polling, counting, and announcing the results. They also included everything related to the logistics preparations for the electoral process and the work of CEC during and off elections.

Capacity Building of an Electoral Staff Project- 2010

Building on the Central Elections Commission’s (CEC) continuous efforts to raise electoral awareness and develop a well-trained and qualified electoral staff prepared to assist in any upcoming elections, the CEC, with financial support from the Norwegian Government, carried out the project “Capacity Building of an Electoral Staff 2010” all over the West Bank, including Jerusalem.

The 2010 project differed from other CEC projects in that it relied on the voluntary participation of ordinary citizens. The training courses were open to any citizen (m/f) between 22-44 years of age, regardless of his/her place of residence or profession, with the conditions that they had graduated from university and had not already completed a similar course. Applications were accepted from 27 September 2010 through 10 October 2010, to participate in a specialized training course about the elections, and receive a certificate of completion from the CEC attesting to that fact by the end of the course.

Based on the project’s plan, CEC held 12 training courses, each lasting 3 days, held in districts where applications were received. Throughout these courses, 300 participants received advanced training on various electoral skills that would enable them to provide professional assistance during any electoral event.


Capacity Building of an Electoral Staff Project - 2009

In 2009, the Central Elections Commission (CEC) carried out, with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and with financial support from the Norwegian Government, a project that aimed to develop an electoral staff. The project targeted 300 employees of the MoHE from across the West Bank, with the goal to build a qualified electoral staff out of these employees to help in performing any upcoming electoral process.

CEC staff trained the participants extensively on the stages and procedures of elections and other relevant issues. The training consisted of 4 courses, each for 20 hours, held in each district over a period of 8 weeks.

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