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Partnership with Civil Society Organizations

Stemming from CEC’s belief in the importance of the role and partnership with Civil Society Organizations in enhancing the foundations of democracy, the CEC implemented a project entitled ‘’ partnership with CSOs’ funded by the European Union. The project aims at enhancing the role of CSOs in strengthening political participation among the Palestinian public.

The CEC called upon institutions working in the fields of human rights and democracy to submit project proposals. The CEC received 192 proposals. 30 proposals were selected according to pre-set criteria including project concept, impact, expected results, scope, budget and the ability of the institutions to implement joint projects during 2016 over two phases.

The third phase commenced mid September 2017 and will end by mid November 2017 with participation of 14 CSOs in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The majority of activities under this phase include programs targeting a wide sector of citizens and decision-makers to enhance political and electoral participation among the Palestinian public. 

Phase one 

Phase two

Phase three

Partner CSOs

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