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CEC attaches great importance to maintaining connections with Palestinian Higher-Education Institutions and their students; therefore, it was keen to implement the EU-funded project “Electoral Awareness for Palestinian Universities”.

The main goal of the project was to encourage positive competition between Palestinian universities in the West Bank (WB) and Gaza Strip (GS), to present project proposals on topics related to elections, electoral awareness and provide training for university students in general. It mainly targeted Media & Journalism students, and was implemented at the universities in cooperation with CEC and supporting funds from the EU.

The Voter Education Project in Universities- 2017

CEC received 11 project proposals, 7 of which were selected to be implemented in the following universities: An-Najah National University, Birzeit University, Al-Quds University, and Palestine Technical University- Khadouri in the WB, in addition to Al-Azhar, The Islamic University, and Palestine Technical College- Deir Albalah in GS. The projects ran through the second academic semester of the 2017-2018 academic year.

Project outcomes:

  • 40,000 participants and beneficiaries of students in the implementing universities.
  • Producing a national strategy to encourage and strengthen youth participation in the Students Council Elections, and increase female-students representation in general conferences.
  • Producing 20 TV spots and 4 radio episodes.
  • Organizing 3 student debates.
  • Conducting training courses, workshops, and seminars.
  • Organizing student competitions to produce media materials.

The Voter Education Project in Universities- 2021

The Voter Education project in Universities- 2021 was implemented in two phases; below are the details of each phase of the project.



The First Phase: This phase ran through the first academic semester 2021-2022 in 3 universities in the WB and another 3 in GS, as follows:

Project activities:

  • A workshop about electoral law and electoral rights and responsibilities, as an outcome the students produced educational videos about the electoral law.
  • A workshop about elections media coverage and its ethics, and avoiding hate speech in the coverage. The participants produced media material on the topics of the workshop.
  • A workshop about designing and managing electoral campaigns, resulting in producing educational social content about the elections.
  • A workshop titles: “Enhancing Women’s and Youth participation in Elections”, producing field interviews (Vox-pop) with citizens about the same topic.

Project activities:

  • 5 awareness workshops for students in all university branches in both WB and GS. The workshops focused on the local elections and encouraging students to participate.
  • Organizing 20 awareness meetings about investing in social media to raise people’s awareness towards the importance of participating in the elections, especially for youth.
  • Producing 2 awareness videos encouraging students to participate in the elections.
  • Publishing 2000 brochure copies and 1000 of a poster addressing students, their families, and the community about the importance of participating in elections as one of their rights.

Project activities:

  • Holding 3 seminars:

- Youth & Elections, organized by Media & Political Sciences Department.

- Dimensions & Political Significance of Elections and the Connection between Electoral Systems, held by Political Sciences Division.

- Social Awareness regarding the Importance of Electoral Participation, in cooperation with VP for Community Affairs and Sociology Department.

  • Organizing a Study Day on “Youth & Elections: a Formality Participation or a Real Contribution in Decision Making”.

Project activities:

  • 2 training courses (40 hours) aiming to preparing students in topics of Photography, Directing, journal writing and editing, theatre, radio broadcasting, and media campaigns.
  • Training students to producing a Play about the elections in order to encourage the public to participate in the elections in a comical way. The play was presented in the university.
  • Producing 2 visual materials aiming to spread democratic culture and electoral participation.
  • Producing 2 audio materials that were also aiming to spread the culture of democracy and electoral participation.
  • Producing and editing 3 written materials contributing in electoral awareness and encouraging youth to participate in elections.
  • An educational seminar about elections and democracy.

Project activities:

  • An intensive training course about electoral management and civil and media awareness about the elections.
  • 2 seminars for Media students about electoral awareness.
  • Launching a media campaign via social media networks.
  • Organizing a competition for the best media awareness campaign during elections. Holding a closing ceremony to distribute certificates and announce the winners.
  • Producing 5 radio and visual episodes about electoral journalism.
  • Producing 5 media spots about electoral journalism.
  • Organizing 3 debates about electoral media.

Project activities:

  • Holding 3 training sessions about the following topics:
  1. Election Terminology and media concepts related to elections: Media, Advertisement, Announcement, and Public Opinion.
  2. Gender participation in elections media coverage.
  3. Media coverage of PWD in the electoral process.
  • Producing the press media content for elections.
  • Producing the digital media content for election.
  • Organizing discussion session titled Journalists Right to Obtaining Information & Freedom of Expression.
  • Holding a lecture about Methods of Dealing with Elections in Times of Crisis "Corona as an Example"
  • Producing 8 radio episodes.



The Second Phase: It ran through the second academic semester and the summer course of 2021-2022, and it included 2 universities in the WB and one university in GS, as follows:

Project activities:

  • 3 specialized awareness seminars about the essence of the electoral process, its stages, the role of media in coverage and in electoral awareness, and enhancing the role of citizens as well as media in observing and accountability over electoral platforms after the end of the electoral process.
  • Organizing an educational seminar about minding gender in electoral awareness.
  • Organizing 3 intensive training workshops on conducting interviews, digital video production, and broadcasting about elections.
  • Producing videos and journalistic and audible material about the elected local councils, their programs, and plans.
  • A competition for the best media production about following up with the programs of the winning local councils in elections, and their performance 3 months after their election. The competition got coverage by local media.

Project activities:

  • Organizing an interactive training course (24 hours) on the following topics: an introduction to media ethics, media role in covering elections, ethics of media coverage of elections, an introduction to Debate, managing electoral debates, reporting and writing press releases, the notion of citizen journalism, practical training on writing posts, press interviews, using social media networks in responsible media, audible and written media performance, in addition to practical training on preparing, managing, and coverage of an electoral debate.
  • Producing a short visual material about elections.
  • An interactive theatre performance.
  • 5 interactive “Flash Mops” aiming to raise awareness towards important electoral issues.
  • An interactive educational seminar titled “An in-depth reading of the Palestinian local, legislative and presidential elections system”.
  • Organizing an interactive educational seminar about the effects and repercussions of the Palestinian General Elections system on the elections systems of the student councils in universities.
  • Hold discussion meetings between students, Workers Union and University Administration in order to enhance the notions and basics of positive and constructive democratic dialogue.

Project activities:

  • An awareness session about the role of media in elections.
  • Organizing a training course about: public awareness mechanisms and elections media coverage, advocacy and lobbying, Fake news checking tools, and diminishing negative propaganda.
  • Organizing an awareness social media campaign targeting the local community in general and Media students in particular. With the aim of raising awareness about the role of media in observing and protecting candidates, and the notions of citizenship and active participation. It included producing visual promos, infographic, and written content.
  • Press Competition for Media students to produce the best awareness promo about Media role in covering elections.
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