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The Basic Law

The Palestinian amended Basic Law of 2003, serves as the legal and constitutional framework for the Palestinian governing system, defining the nature and structure of the government. Article (5) states that “the Palestinian government system is a multi-party system of democratic representation, in which voters directly elect the president and members of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC). The government reports to the president and the PLC".


The Basic Law is also the legal and constitutional framework for citizens’ participation in the political process by way of democratic elections.

Article (26) stipulates that Palestinian individuals and groups have the right to participate in political life. They are specifically granted the following rights:

1. To form or join political parties according to the law;

2. To form unions, societies, associations, clubs, and institutions according to the law;

3. To nominate and vote for representatives to be elected according to the law;

4. To compete for public office on an equal-opportunity basis;

5. To hold public and private meetings and gatherings without police interference.


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