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Polling for the 2021 Local Elections

Polling for the 2021 Local Elections will be on Saturday 11/12/2021 where voting will start at 7:00 am and will close at 7:00 pm 


The polling center for any voter will be the registration center where s/he was registered. If you do not know where your polling center is, you can:

- Visit the CEC’s website: (

- Call the informational mobile number *600#.

- Call the toll-free number 1800300400.


The CEC has put in place a number of precautionary health protocols to be adhered to regarding Covid-19: 

1) Employees cannot be in polling centers without wearing gloves and masks. 

2) Voters, observers, agents of electoral lists, journalists and accredited guests must also wear gloves, and masks inside polling centers and stations. 

3) People inside centers must adhere to the safety protocol of social distancing; keeping a minimum distance of 1 meter between people in the queue.


The Polling process:

Voters must be carrying their ID’s as they head to polling centers to practice their right with ultimate freedom and privacy, according to the following steps:

- Standing in line, and adhering to the health protocols and the instructions of the polling staff. Most importantly: the submission of mobile phones.

- Polling staff check the voter’s ID.

- A Ballot is provided to the voter after verifying that his/her name exists in the voters’ registry. An employee stamps the backside of the ballot. The voter is then asked to head to one of the polling cabins to cast his/her vote by filling his/her ballot in total privacy. 

- A Voter can fill his/her ballot by selecting one electoral list, through putting an (X) sign in the square that is specific to the electoral list of his/her choosing. 

- A Voter heads to the ballot box after folding the ballot in a manner that preserves the privacy of its contents. S/he then puts the ballot in the ballot box in conjunction with the electoral ink being administered on his/her left index finger.  

- The voter should leave the polling station and polling center as soon as s/he is done with the polling process. 


Polling ends at 7 pm in the evening during polling day. In the case of voters still being present inside the polling center; they will be allowed to enter and vote, but new voters will not be allowed in. After the voters’ polling process ends; staff, candidates and agents who have not voted yet, will be allowed to do so.


List of Local Authorites Voting on Saturday 11/12/2021

Polling Centers


Electoral Maps

Maps of Local Authorites Voting on Saturday 11/12/2021:








Ramallah & Al Bireh




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