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Strengthening Palestinian Electoral Participation Project

Seeking to further its objectives of raising awareness about the electoral process and increasing political participation among the Palestinian population, the CEC, with the financial support of the Italian Government through the Italian Cooperation Office, is carrying out a project entitled “Strengthening Palestinian Electoral Participation.”


The CEC aims to develop an elections staff knowledgeable about Palestinian electoral law and all the procedures for implementing free and fair elections. It also aims at increasing the participation of Palestinian CSOs in the electoral process and the development of Palestinian society.


This project begins with the selection of 28 CSOs from across the West Bank. During the first stage, 70 representatives of these CSOs will be taught electoral issues and training skills. In the second stage, these representatives will train 6000 citizens throughout all West Bank districts, including Jerusalem. The training will target different groups and will last for six months.


The CEC, through this project, is seeking to increase elections awareness among Palestinians, and also to introduce the international standards of free and fair elections, stress the importance of the elections in Palestine, review the stages of the electoral process, and highlight developments that have occurred.


For further information, click on:

Brochure on the Strengthening Electoral Participation project

Training and the closing ceremony (photos)

Signing ceremony (photos)

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