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CEC Announces End of Objections Period

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The Central Elections Commission (CEC) announced today the end of the period for objections to lists and candidates nominated for the upcoming 2021 Legislative Council elections. 
The CEC stated that it received approximately 230 objections to lists and candidates, most of which were submitted in opposition to candidate withdrawals, the order of candidates within the nominated lists, and details regarding the status of a candidate’s permanent residency, resignation submission, or criminal conviction.  
The CEC will continue to review submitted objections today and issue its decision within the next three days. Objectants and objectees will be notified of the decisions in writing. Appeals against a CEC decision may be submitted before the Elections Court within three days of the date of notification. The court will adjudicate appeals within seven days, and its ruling shall be final and irrefutable. 
The CEC reminds that, in accordance with the announced timetable for the upcoming 2021 Palestinian elections, Thursday, April 29th shall be the final day for lists to withdraw from the legislative elections. The following day will mark the beginning of election campaigning, which coincides with the exhibition of the final register of lists and candidates. 

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