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CEC Issues Final Objection Decisions

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The Central Elections Commission (CEC) held a meeting to issue its decision on 231 objections submitted against electoral lists and candidates nominated for Legislative Council membership. 
The CEC clarified that the objections addressed various alleged violations, including failure to submit resignations, claims of criminal convictions and abuses of power and state resources, objections to candidates for holding Israeli citizenship, sources of funding for electoral lists, nomination applications submitted after the legal deadline, and against a political party for failing to secure proper licensing. 
The CEC confirmed that it had reviewed all of the submitted objections and decided to reject 226 cases, while four others were withdrawn by the objectants. One objection against a female candidate was approved, resulting in her candidacy being cancelled due to acquiring Israeli citizenship, which violates the provisions of the Decree Law No. (1) of 2007 concerning the general elections and its amendments. The CEC shall notify the relevant parties of its official decision in writing. 
The CEC reminds that appeals against its decisions may be submitted before the Elections Court within three days of the date of notification, and the court shall issue its final decision within seven days. Any electoral list may withdraw its nomination until April 29, 2021. The final register of electoral lists nominated for the upcoming Legislative Council elections shall be exhibited on April 30th, coinciding with the commencement of election campaigning scheduled to run for a period of 21 days.

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