CEC received a reply from Hamas regarding the Local Elections

Sunday, January 2, 2022

The CEC received yesterday; Saturday, a letter from the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas about its position on the Local Elections, that is scheduled for the 26th of March. 
The letter included some political matters that the movement saw essential for their approval of the Local Elections. These matters included; written guarantees to hold the Elections as previously decided. The other matter was about the Elections law; more specifically the cancellation of forming the Elections court and returning the mandate of adjudicating appeals to the courts of First Instance in the West Bank and Gaza. 
CEC Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nasir sent a letter replying to Hamas; indicating that these demands are political, and require addressing the political level and that the CEC does not have any mandate to decide on any of the matters. Dr. Nasir added, that until this happens, the CEC considers the meaning of Hamas’s position to be: that the Local Elections cannot possibly be currently held in Gaza. Especially since time is passing by, and the voter’s registration process for the Local Elections is scheduled to start in a few days according to the published legal calendar and timeframes. 
Dr. Nasir, as well sent a letter to the Prime Minister; Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh to inform him of the content of Hamas’s letter and the CEC’s reply to that; asking the government to make a decision accordingly about the Elections in Gaza


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