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Minutes of session No. 1 of 2014

Date: 27 January 2014

Place: CEC headquarters in Ramallah/Gaza through video conference.


CEC Chairman opened the session by welcoming the new Secretary General, Dr. Samih Shbaib, and stressing that CEC’s work is governed by the Elections Law and that neutrality, transparency and independence are core values of the CEC. Dr. Shbaib, in his turn, expressed his pleasure in working with the CEC confirming his independence according to law.

Voter registry update:

CEC Chairman indicated that a letter has been sent to Mr. Ismail Haniyeh, informing him of CEC’s intent to conduct voter registry update in Gaza as a regular procedure to maintain an updated and accurate voters list in both the West Bank and Gaza and that the CEC is still waiting for a reply.

Financial situation:
The Chairman informed Commissioners of the CEC’s critical financial situation due to not receiving its financial allowances from the PA which created a financial crisis that prevented the CEC from meetings its obligations to employees and service providers. He also indicated that efforts are currently being made to solve this issue which will be discussed with Mr. President in case the situation is not resolved soon.


Minutes of session No. 2 of 2014

Date: 28 April 2014

Place: CEC Headquarters in Ramallah-Gaza through video conference.


1. The CEC expressed content in what has been achieved in the reconciliation agreement and its full readiness to conduct elections once called.

2. The CEC concluded data entry of registration information following the latest registry update concluded on 20 March 2014. The CEC will issue the new updated voters list within a week.

3. The CEC decided to keep its legal Advisor (Shehadeh Office) for the current year and requested the CEO to conduct a study on the international standards for the contracting period of A legal Advisor.

4. The CEC approved a decision to contract a well-known and accredited external financial auditor through call for tenders from various companies. The CEC requested the Executive office to not rely on lowest prices in the evaluation and to submit recommendations to Commissioners for approval of the appropriate company.

5. The CEC approved contracting an international financial and administrative audit company to review and develop CEC’s financial and administrative systems in accordance with international standards.

6. The CEC confirmed that the amalgamation or division of localities doesn’t not fall under the jurisdiction of the CEC according to law. This decision has been made after the CEC received Cabinet decision on 22 April 2014 with regards to CEC’s membership in the legal committee that was formed to study the division of localities.

7. A committee comprising of commissioners, Mr. Shukri Nashashibi, Dr. Ahmad Al-Khalidi, Judge Isac Muhanna and Judge Mazen Sisalem was formed to review the Control Board letter and its authority in monitoring CEC’s work and to submit recommendations on this regard.


Minutes of session No. 3 of 2014

Date: 9 September 2014

Place: CEC Headquarters in Ramallah- Gaza through video conference.

1. Chairman and Commissioners welcomed Ms. Lamis Al –Alami, CEC’s new commissioner following Ms. Khawla Shakhsheer who recently assumed the post of Minister of Education.

2. The CEC approved minutes of last meeting.

3. CEC decided to renew contract with legal advisor, Shehadeh Office, for another year.

4. To achieve the highest level of transparency in its work, the CEC saw the need to have an internal monitoring body to the executive office that directly reports to the Commission. Hence, it was decided to contract Deliotte and Touche co. to conduct regular auditing to CEC’s financial and administrative systems.

5. CEO presented CEC’s ongoing activities such as scanning of registration applications, integration of the concept of Disability into CECs work and procedures, the election course in universities and integration of the concept of elections into complementary education systems in cooperation with the Ministry Education.

6. The CEC discussed the possibility of either construction or procurement of a new Regional Office in Gaza that meets the work requirements of the CEC.


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