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Supporting the Central Elections Commission (CEC) Project

According to CEC’s strategic plan for the years 2011-2013 and aiming at enhancing the principles of transparency, independence and professionalism governing CEC’s work, CEC constantly seeks to develop the capacities of its core staff on one hand, and strengthen connections with the civil society and the various election stakeholders on the other hand.

In light of this, the CEC has implemented a one year program entitled “Supporting the Central Elections Commission” funded by the Global Program for Electoral Cycle Support GPECS and implemented in cooperation with UNDP. The project mainly focused on:

Strengthening CEC’s institutional and professional work by raising the capacity of CEC employees and districts each according to their tasks and the areas in which they need improvement. This included providing the technical support, equipment and software needed to improve the work environments and level of performance.

 Enhancing CEC’s engagement with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other election stakeholders such as political parties, the media, and different CSOs to improve the levels and frameworks of cooperation and raise their level of awareness on CEC’s role.


Through this project, the CEC has implemented several programs with election stakeholders including:

  • Cooperating with CSOs program: implemented with and by CSOs. This project is divided into two phases through which five project proposals were selected for funding by the CEC from the “Election Awareness Fund”. The selected Organizations have carried out the implementation of these projects targeting various segments of the society, focusing on women and youth to raise election awareness and democratic participation among the Palestinian society.


  • Political Parties program: providing training for representatives of political parties to support their work especially in regards to electoral regulations, introducing CEC’s work, registering political parties, and forming electoral lists.


  • The Media program: providing training for journalists and media representatives to introduce them to the electoral processes, terms and laws to improve their electoral monitoring and reporting skills.


  • Community Engagement program: focused on producing a documentary on CEC’s work. In addition to producing TV spots to raise electoral awareness on general and local elections issues, especially registration and voting. 

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