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General Election Laws

Election Law by Decree of 2007

On 2 September 2007, President Mahmoud Abbas issued a decree, which has the force of a law enacted by the legislature, pertaining to general ( presidential and legislative) elections. The decree stipulates the annulment of Election Law No. 9 of 2005. The decree also replaces the mixed electoral system with a system of full proportional representation.

 The decree (Translated by IFES)

Election Law No. 9 of 2005

On 18 June 2005, the PLC passed General Election Law No. 9. This law adopted a mixed electoral system by which 50% of the total 132 PLC seats were elected under the majority system (districts) and the other 50% were elected under the proportional representation system (lists). It also guaranteed the minimum representation of women. This law annulled Election Law No. 13 of 1995.

   Elections Law No 9 of 2005

Election Law No. 13 of 1995

The first Palestinian General Elections were held in accordance with Palestinian Election Law No. 13 of 1995 and its amendments. This law adopted the simple majority system (districts).

  Palestinian Elections Law No. 13 of 1995

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