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Early Voting of Security Forces

For the purpose of providing the necessary number of security personnel to secure the electoral process on the official elections day on 13 May, the CEC designates special polling centers for the early voting of security forces to enable them from exercising their electoral right.

In the upcoming 2017 local elections, the CEC has designated 10 polling centers in 25 localities which have more than 200 registered security personnel for early voting which will take place from 7 am till 7 pm on 11 May. At the end of the pre-voting day, the ballot boxes are transferred and securely kept in special rooms inside each center. Ballot boxes will be open for tabulation at the end of the official polling day and the results will be announced on the official day of declaration of election results. Early voting and counting will follow the same set of procedures of the official polling day.

Security personnel are required to adhere to the code of conduct of security personnel published by the CEC on the elections day

  Polling Centers of The Security Forces

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