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CEC Chairman Visits Gaza Strip

CEC Chairman Visits Gaza Strip

Basel Alqasem

Today, CEC Chairman Dr. Hanna Nassir and CEO Hisham Kuhail concluded a two -day visit to Gaza and met with officials there to discuss the technical arrangements for updating the voter registry.

During a meeting with Mr. Ismail Haniyeh attended by all CEC commissioners in Gaza, Dr. Nassir thanked Mr. Haniyeh, for opening CEC offices and referred to CEC’s plan to carry out voter registration update in the Strip to target around 220 thousand new voters according to latest estimates by the Central Bureau of Statistics. Dr. Nassir expressed hope that reopening of CEC offices will be the first step towards enabling the Commission to carry out its legal mandate in the Strip starting by the registration of voters.

On his part, Mr. Haniyeh promised to address this issue and inform the CEC. The CEC is still awaiting a decision on this regard.

The CEC delegation also met with the Minister of Education in the resigned government, Mr. Osama Muzaini, to put him in the picture of the technical needs for the registration process.

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