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The CEC Briefs the Canadian Representative on the 2021 Elections Preparations

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CEO of the Central Elections Commission (CEC), Hisham Kuhail, briefed the Representative of Canada in Ramallah Robin Wettlaufer, on the latest developments concerning the upcoming general elections, following the issuance of the presidential decrees setting the  elections dates.
This came during Kuhail’s meeting today with Ms. Wettlaufer at CEC’s HQ in Al-Bireh, in the presence of  the Political Officer at the Canadian Representative Office, Andrea Niklaus 
Kuhail discussed the current and upcoming CEC’s arrangements in preparations for elections, the first stage of which is voter registration. He also touched upon the possible Israeli obstacles, urging Canada to exercise pressure on the Israeli side to allow the holding of elections in Jerusalem, as the case in all cities of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
On her part, Wettlaufer appreciated the role of the CEC and its readiness to implement elections, stressing Canada’s support to the democratic electoral process in Palestine.

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