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The CEC Extends Official Invitations to the European Parliament and the European Union to Observe the 2021 Palestinian Elections

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The Central Elections Commission (CEC) extended an official invitation today to the European Parliament and the European Union (EU) to observe the 2021 Palestinian elections.

EU Representative, Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorf, received the invitations during his meeting today with Chairman, Hanna Nasir, at CEC HQ in Al-Bireh, where Nasir stressed the importance of international observation to the electoral process, particularly by the EU, being a key partner to the CEC over the past years. Nasir also urged all international observation bodies to monitor the upcoming elections.

For his part, Burgsdorf appreciated the role of the CEC and its readiness despite existing challenges, while stressing EU’s support to holding free and fair elections in line with international standards. Burgsdorf also indicated the importance of elections participation to all Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, as candidates and voters.

It should be indicated that the CEC invites, at the beginning of an electoral process, local and international bodies, working in democracy and good governance to apply for accreditation as an observation mission. Accreditation grants observers access to polling centers to monitor elections progress and ensure elections integrity and transparency.

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