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The CEC meets with representatives of political parties

The CEC meets with representatives of political parties

Basel Alqasem

Today, the CEC met with representatives of political parties in its headquarters in Ramallah to discuss CEC’s technical preparations for holding elections in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip. The meeting was headed by CEC Chairman, Hanna Nassir and attended by CEO, Mr. Hisham Kuhail and Commissioners Ahmad Al-Khaldi, Khawla Shakhshir, and Shukri Al-Nashashibi.


Dr. Nassir briefed attendants on the outcomes of his recent visit to Gaza following the reopening of CEC’s headquarters there and his meeting with Mr. Ismael Haniyeh to acquaint him with CEC’s intent to update the voters registry in the Strip. Dr. Nassir explained that despite the fact that updating the voter registry is a technical matter, however, CEC’s field operations are still suspended. Hence, although CEC’s offices are technically open, yet the CEC is not allowed to carry out any operations until this date.

Dr. Nassir also discussed his recent meeting with Mr. President Mahmoud Abbas and the President’s keen wish to finalize all election arrangements as soon as possible.

On the other hand. Dr. Nassir, stressed CEC’s full preparedness to conduct elections within the legal framework assigned by the law after updating the voter registry which needs six weeks. He also emphasized the importance of having a clear understanding among all stakeholders of the technical role of the Commission at this stage which aims at raising the level of its preparedness to respond to any political decision with regards to holding elections.

On their part, the political representatives stressed their support to the work of the Commission to enable it to carry out its mandate in Gaza regardless of the outcomes of the reconciliation process. They also confirmed the importance of amending election laws according to the reconciliation agreement.

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