Elections Court for the 2021 Local Elections

- The Elections Court formed in accordance with the presidential decree issued on 30/09/2021 from 15 court of appeal and first instance judges. 

- The court’s main headquarters will be in Jerusalem, and it can have Two regional offices in Ramallah and Gaza. It will be split into 4 panels of three each. The chief justice can hold court sessions in locations other than the ones mentioned above. Location distribution for its panels will be based on the decision of the chief justice of the specialized court. 

- The court specializes in the adjudication of objections and appeals that challenge the CEC’s decisions, concerning the results of the elections. 

- Appeals and Objections against CEC decisions will not be accepted by the court, unless they are signed by a practicing lawyer.

- Appeals, and objections can be brought forward to the Court during specific timelines and dates according to the electoral law. A court reporter will be assigned in every location where the court will be in session.

- Appeals against a CEC decision may be submitted before the Elections Court within 5 days of the date of notification. The court will adjudicate appeals within 5 days, and its ruling shall be final and irrefutable. 

- The Elections Court examines the electoral violations and crimes that are in the Elections law. The public prosecution presents the public case and the common right to the court, concerning any Electoral crimes or violations, and the court’s ruling will be final and irrefutable.  

- The appeal submitted to the Elections Court as per this article shall be exempted of charges.


 Decree No () of 2021 for the formation of the Elections court for the 2021 Local Elections (Arabic)

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