International Observation and Guests

Accreditation of International Observers/Guests for the second phase of the Palestinian Local Elections - 2021

Within the framework of the CEC’s preparations for the second phase of Local elections that will take place in 26 March 2022. The CEC announces that all accredited International observers/guests during the First Phase of the 2021 Local Elections are not required to renew their accreditation, as their cards remain valid to cover the second phase.

At the same time, the CEC will keep the door open for accepting new applications from international organizations and governmental officials who’s interested in observing the second phase. Applications should be submitted before 18 March 2022.

Summary of Local Authorites 

Local Authorites Where Elections is Expected to be Held | Polling Centers
Local Authorites with One Candidate List (Acclamation)
Local Authorites  -Incomplete Candidate List & No candidate Lists


Accreditation of International Observation Bodies

The CEC welcomes and encourages the participation of international observers, and calls upon all international observation bodies, International missions, CSOs and NGOs dealing with issues of democracy, human rights, or other relevant fields to apply for observer accreditation.

The CEC has established a code of conduct for observers and agents, in accordance with its power under the law. This code clarifies their rights and obligations. Each observer or agent should review this code and pledge to abide by it before commencing with observation:

The code of Conduct for international Observers


In order to apply for accreditation of International observation body please Click here.


Upon completion of the online application, the organization will be asked to attach an official letter addressed to the CEC from their government/organization verifying the request for accreditation as an international observer.

After processing the application, the observation body’s contact person will receive an e-mail containing a link and a code, which will enable him/her to add observers and observers’ assistants/ interpreters from their organization. Which will allow the latter to accompany the observers to registration and voting centers.


Accreditation of International Guests

The CEC also issues guest cards, especially for governmental officials who desire permission to enter polling and registration centers but do not intend to write formal reports about the elections.

In order to apply for accreditation as a guest observer please follow the links:

Click here to apply in English 

Click here to apply in Arabic


Contact Information:
CEC Headquarters/ Al Bireh 
Tel: 022969700 ext.: 710 - e-mail: [email protected]

Local Observation

Within the framework of the CEC’s preparations for the (Second Phase) of the Local elections, which is scheduled for 26/03/2022, the CEC announces that all accredited observation bodies during the (First Phase) of the 2021 Local Elections are also accredited by default for the (Second Phase) of the Local Elections. The CEC also announces that Civil Society Organizations, who did not submit observation accreditation applications; will be able to do so online with all the required attachments, starting Sunday 02/01/2022 until Wednesday 16/03/2022.


Procedures for the accreditation of local Observers

First: Interested Local Observation bodies should fill and submit an online application, as well as attaching, the required documents through the following link:


Application for the accreditation of a local observation body


Eligible organizations must meet the following conditions:

  1. Be a non-profit organization or institution.
  2. Be accredited by the Palestinian Charitable Associations and Civil Society Organization’s Law (CSO Law) or be a formally registered union among competent authorities in Palestine
  3. Be neutral and financially, administratively and organizationally independent of any Political Party, electoral list or nominee in the Elections.
  4. Be concerned with issues of democracy, human rights, good governance, or any other area that the CEC deems relevant to electoral observation.


Second: Once the application is accepted and the local observation body is accredited, the CEC will contact the organization’s Contact Person, to provide them with the information necessary to add their observers.

 Eligible Observers must meet the following conditions:

  1. To be 20 years of age or older.
  2. Cannot be an accredited candidate, a journalist, an agent or an employee for any of the political parties, electoral lists, security services, or any party that may affect the neutrality condition above.
  3. Not convicted with a felony or a crime against honor.


Third: Once observers are accredited, accreditation cards will be issued at the CEC district offices in the districts chosen in the application by the organization’s Contact person. Observers must commit to the Observer’s Code of conduct, and can enjoy the rights existent in it as well.



Observers Code of Conduct


Procedures for the Accreditation of Local Observers


Cases of Application rejection:

Civil Society Organizations’ applications can be rejected in the following cases:

  1. If the organization does not meet the required conditions above.
  2. If the organization submits false information.
  3. If the application is submitted after the deadline.

In case the CEC rejects or terminates the accreditation of an observation body:

  1. The organization has a right, to challenge the decision within 3 days from the date of their notification of that decision, by submitting a formal written objection.
  2. The organization has to submit documents to support their challenge, in order for the CEC to consider rethinking its decision.
  3. The CEC will examine the objection, will adjudicate within 3 days, and inform the organization’s contact person with its decision.
  4. Objections that do not have documents or data to support the re-consideration of the application will be ignored.
  5. Objections can be sent to: [email protected]


The CEC apologizes in advance for not replying to any submitted objection, in case it did not have the required supporting documents and data in order for the CEC to reconsider the application.

Contact Information:

CEC Headquarters/ Beireh Tel: 022969700 Ext. 733

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