Nomination for the 2021 Legislative Elections


  1. The nomination period will run for 12 days, commencing Saturday, March 20, 2021 until Wednesday, March 31, 2021.
  2. Nominations shall take place via electoral lists only. Individual nomination applications shall not be accepted.
  3. Candidate lists shall be considered closed in terms of the order of names. Seats won by each list shall be distributed to candidates in accordance with the order of their names on the list, (first, second, and so on).
  4. Electoral list nomination applications shall be submitted to the Central Elections Commission (CEC) at either Al-Bireh Headquarters or Gaza Regional Office.
  5. Electoral lists must submit their nomination applications on the official CEC form, which shall include:
    • Name of the electoral list along with its official slogan or logo.
    • Names of the electoral list coordinator, authorized person, and electoral campaign manager, along with their addresses.
    • Address of the electoral list’s headquarters.
    • Sources of funding and expenditures of the election campaign.
    • Signatures of the electoral list coordinator and authorized person on the list nomination application.
    • The number of a list candidates shall be no less than 16 candidates, and must not exceed 132 candidates.
    • The list shall include a minimum representation of women in accordance with the law:
      • One woman within the first three names of the list.
      • One woman within every four names that follow.
  6. A list’s candidate must meet the following requirements:
  • Must be Palestinian.
  • Must be at least 28 years old on polling day (born on or before May 22, 1993).
  • Must be registered in the final voter registry.
  • Must not be convicted of a crime or felony against honor or integrity.
  • Must be a permanent resident within the Palestinian territories.
  • Must abide by the amended Basic Law of 2003 and its amendments, as well as the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 1 of 2007 and its amendments regarding the general elections.
  • Must submit his/her resignation if the applicant falls into one of the following categories:
  • Ministers.
  • State of Palestine employees (civil and military) and/or those who are paid a salary or monthly allowance by the State Treasury, including those receiving public funds affiliated with, or under the supervision of, the State Treasury.
  • Chairpersons, directors, and employees of NGOs.
  • Employees of public institutions, international organizations and local authorities’ councils.
  • Heads and members of local authorities’ councils, and elected heads and members of other institutions and authorities.


  1. List Nomination Application Enclosures:
  1. Required Application Enclosures:

- A signed list of 3000 eligible voters, containing their full names, signatures, and registration numbers in the voter registry.
- Both electronic and hard copies of the electoral lists’ platforms signed by the list’s coordinator and authorized person.
- A colored copy of the electoral slogan or logo signed by the list’s coordinator and authorized person attached in the form of a digital CD copy.
- A bank bond that certifies the guarantee deposit of 20,000 USD into the CEC’s Bank of Palestine account (CEC Candidate’s Account No. 2222000).
- A closed list of the names and order of candidates.
- Nomination applications of the list’s candidates with the required enclosures.
- Lists nominated on behalf of a political entity must attach a letter from the faction’s representative, accredited by the CEC, indicating the nomination of the list on behalf of the political entity.

  1. Required Enclosures for the Nomination Applications of Candidates:

- Copy of his/her identification card.
- Two personal photos (2x3cm).
- Letter of resignation if the applicant belongs to one of the categories identified in the law.
- A legal power of attorney (for nomination applications by proxy).


  1. Guarantee Amounts:
  • The nomination guarantee of 10,000 USD. This amount shall be refunded in the event of:
  1. Withdrawal within the legal period.
  2. Rejection of the nomination application.
  • The election campaign guarantee of 10,000 USD. This amount shall be refunded in the event of:
  1. Withdrawal within the legal period.
  2. Rejection of the nomination application.
  3. If the electoral lists adhered to the provisions of electoral campaigning in accordance with the law, and the regulations and procedures issued by the CEC.


  1. Electoral Slogans and Logos:
  • Shall not violate public order or public morals.
  • Shall not be an exact match of, or similar to, the slogan or logo of another electoral list/ political faction recognized within the Palestinian territories, whether registered or unregistered.
  • Shall not belong to, or suggest affiliation with the State.
  1. Rejection of an Electoral List’s Nomination:

The nomination application of any electoral list shall be rejected if:

  • The application does not fulfill the requirements stipulated within the law and this leaflet, or in the case of falsified information in either the application form or attached documents.
  • The application is submitted after the nomination deadline.
  • The electoral list requested to use a name, slogan, or logo already assigned to another registered electoral list/ political entity, or a list that is unregistered but recognized within the Palestinian territories, or a slogan that suggests affiliation or belonging to the State of Palestine.
  • The final number of the list’s candidates is less than 16, or exceeds 132 candidates.
  • The list does not include adequate women’s representation in accordance with the law.
  • In the event of a nomination application’s rejection, the CEC shall present the electoral list coordinator and authorized person with justifications for such a rejection in writing.

To object to a rejection decision issued by the CEC regarding the registration or nomination of a list and/or candidate application:

The objection must be submitted within three days of notifying the list’s coordinator or authorized person, or representative or have been received at the list’s main address by this time.

The court shall adjudicate the appeal of the CEC’s rejection decision:

  • Within seven days of the date of submission (for electoral list registrations or nomination applications).
  • Within five days of the date of submission (for list candidate applications).


  1. Publication of Electoral Lists and Candidates:
  1. A preliminary list of voters containing the names of electoral lists and candidates and their slogans or logos shall be exhibited for 3 days commencing Tuesday, April 6, 2021, in order for the lists to verify their data. This also enables voters to review the names of the candidates and electoral lists, and exercise their right to object to them in the case of illegal enrollment of any of the lists or candidates.

Preliminary list exhibition will take place at the electoral district offices, on their website, or through any other means deemed appropriate by the CEC.

  1. Challenging the preliminary voter’s list:
  • Any person may submit an objection before the CEC for accepting the enrollment of any electoral list or one of its candidates within three days of the exhibition of the preliminary voter’s list.
  • The Objection must include reasons for the objection, including all supporting documents, and the CEC shall decide on objections within three days following its submission.
  • The decision of the CEC concerning the objections submitted against the list and/or one of its candidates is subject to appeal before the court within three days of the date of notification to the list’s coordinator, authorized person, and/or the appealed candidate, or by sending it to the list’s main address or directly to the appealed person.
  • The court shall adjudicate the submitted appeal of the CEC’s rejection decision:
    • Within seven days of the date of submission (for list nomination applications).
    • Within five days of the date of submission (for list candidate applications).
  1. The final voter’s list, detailing the names of the electoral lists and their candidates, shall be published on April 30, 2021 in at least one local newspaper following the expiration of both the legal deadline for submitting objections and appeals, and that for electoral list withdrawal.

The final voter’s list includes the names of the electoral lists and their candidates, their slogans or logos, and the list’s nomination capacity.

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