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Minutes of session No 1 of 2013

Date: 3-5 March 2013

Place: Amman/Jordan


At the beginning of the meeting CEC Chairman Dr. Hanna Nasir expressed his happiness for the convene of the meeting in the presence of all Commissioners in person without video conference between the West Bank and Gaza for the first time since the current commission was formed on 22 December 2011.

The meeting discussed the transfer of the registration applications from Gaza to west Bank Data Entry Center through scanners due to Israeli measures which prevented the physical transfer of applications. Dr. Nasir expected the scanning to be completed within a week and for the data management to last for four weeks.


Code of conduct:

The members discussed the code of conduct for Commissioners where some changes related to proposed texts have been made. The CEO was assigned to prepare the final document to be approved by the CEC Chairman and Commissioners.


Publishing of the voter registry:

Attendees discussed the possibility of publishing the voter registry onto CEC’s website. However it was decided to keep the status quo and distribute it only to political parties.


Electoral Information Center:

The CEO discussed the importance of establishing an electoral information center within CEC premises as a means for exchange of electoral knowledge here and abroad. It was decided to prepare a concept of the center to be discussed and approved by commissioners.


Proposed legal changes:

Commissioners reviewed the study submitted by the CEOs office including the proposed legal changes on local elections law based on latest local election experience. It was decided that:

1. The proposed changes were difficult to be made as they need review and approval by the PLC.

2. To hold a meeting with representatives of political parties and CSOs to discuss the changes.

3. To approve alternative procedures for the issues that need legal amendment, specifically,

• Allowing objection and challenge for registered voters during the exhibition and challenge period.

• Keeping the legal stance of the CEC with regards to dealing with electoral lists by approving or denying nomination applications of lists on a list basis instead of individual nominee’s basis.

• Conducting regular training sessions for political parties on the electoral process procedures.

• Reviewing nomination applications during the first eight days of nomination while providing guidance for lists during the rest of nomination period.


Continuous registration:

The CEC decided to adopt continuous registration in between the annual registration periods at district offices and announce this as soon as the current registry is issued.


Field visits:

The Commissioners visited the independent election Commission in Amman where they met with the head of the Commission Dr. Abdel Elah Al Khateb and discussed the latest parliamentary elections in Jordan. Dr. Nasir expressed CEC willingness to provide the Independent commission with the needed support in the future.

The CEC also visited the Palestinian National Council in Amman and met with the Chairman Mr. Adeb al Za’noun to update him on CECs work during the latest voter registry update and local elections. The commissioners were briefed on the National Council plans with regards to the formation of the council and decisions pertaining to the election of members.


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