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Empowerment and Enabling of Women Political Participation

The project concept stemmed from CEC’s strategic goals in enhancing partnership with election stakeholders and dissemination of electoral awareness among all segments of society, key among them are women who represent almost half of the eligible voters in Palestine.

Project activities commenced mid 2018 with funds from the Government of Norway and included, conducting of 3 centralized training workshops targeting women activists, conducting of 38 national awareness sessions, and launching of an advocacy campaign.

More specifically, the project aimed at:

  1. Increasing women participation in elections as voters and candidates
  2. Increasing women awareness of their electoral and political rights
  3. Mainstreaming gender equality in elections
  4. Responding to the interventions of the national strategic plan on women political empowerment
  5. Highlighting challenges which hamper women political participation
  6. Increasing public awareness of women rights in electoral participation

Project activities included:

  1. Conducting 3 centralized training workshops in the West bank and Gaza Strip in September 2018 targeting 93 women activists from civil society organizations, local councils and women organizations. 
  2. Development of 43 action plans or project concepts by participant organizations to support women political participation
  3. Implementing 38 national awareness sessions in October and November targeting 1200 participants representing all segments of Palestinian Society to increase awareness on women political participation and present the developed action plans.
  4. Launching of a national advocacy campaign through local media and social media included media productions of TV and Radio spots and episodes, publications, social media campaign. 
  5. Organization of a closing conference with participation of 200 participants from stakeholder organizations. 

Photos of the project

TV spots

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