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The presidential decision to postpone local elections 2011


Decision No. ( ) of 2011

President of the State of Palestine,

Chairman of the PLO Executive Committee,

President of the Palestinian National Authority,

After reviewing,

The Basic Law of the Palestinian Executive Committee (PLO),

The amended Basic Law of the PNA of 2003 and its amendments,

Local Council Elections Law No. 10 of 2005 and its amendments,

Local Bodies Law No. 1 of 1997 and its amendments,

Cabinet’s decision No. (01/97/13/C/PA) of 2011 concerning the date of holding Local Council Elections,

Cabinet’s decision No. (01/A52/13/C/PA) of 2010 on the postponement of the date of Local Council Elections, and

In indication to the postponement of the formation of government to contribute in the efforts for ending the division and reaching reconciliation and national unity,

For the sake of creating the appropriate environment to achieve the above, and

To provide the Central Elections Commission with the opportunity to continue preparations for holding elections in all Palestinian districts, and

Based on the powers invested in us and for the sake of the highest national interest and public interest,

We have decreed the following,

Article 1

To postpone the date of holding local council elections in the northern governorates assigned on 22 October 2011 until appropriate circumstances allowing to hold it nationwide exist. All that goes against the  provisions of this decision shall be cancelled.

Article 2

All competent authorities, each within its own jurisdiction, shall implement the provisions of this decision. The decision shall enter into force upon its issuance and shall be published in the official gazette.

Issued in Ramallah on 22nd  August 2011


Mahmoud Abbas,

President of the State of Palestine,

Chairman of the PLO

President of the PNA

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