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February 3, 2011-Ramallah


Proceedings of Meeting


The CEC’s Chairman opened the session by welcoming attending commissioners. The meeting tackled the following:

  • To hold regular meetings of CEC’s sessions on the last Thursday of every month at 1:00 PM
  • To approve amendments to CEC’s internal bylaws.
  • To approve amendments to bylaws of staff made by the CEO
  • The CEC’s preparedness for upcoming local elections
  • CEC’s registration plan in eight local councils of Jerusalem Suburbs for local elections. The action plan was approved
  • The Commissioners discussed what was agreed on with the ministry of Local Governance with regards to amending the electoral system pertaining to women quota in the local councils of nine seats. It was decided to submit a new draft system to the Cabinet in coordination with the ministry of local Governance for approval.
  • The CEC’s strategic plan for 2011-2013 was distributed on Commissioners to be approved in the next meeting.


March 31, 2011-Ramallah


Proceedings of Meeting


  • The CEC Chairman explored the discussions made with all political parties and factions in light of the Cabinet’s call for local elections to be held on July 9 , 2011.
  • The Commissioners have tasked the CEC Chairman with Communicating again with Hamas in Gaza to clarify their stand on local elections. Based on Hamas response to this initiative, the CEC will address a letter to the Cabinet on this regard.
  • The CEO briefed Commissioners on the voter registration campaign conducted from 9-15 March 2011 where the percentage of registered voters in the West Bank reached 85%.
  • The CEC discussed the agreement made with the Ministry of Justice to develop a mechanism that explains the procedures by which candidates can obtain a certificate of non- convection as per the Basic Law to facilitate candidacy procedures stipulated in Local Council Election law No. 10 of 2005.
  • The CEC three year strategic plan was approved.


April 28, 2011-Ramallah


Proceedings of Meeting


The CEC’s Chairman opened the session by welcoming attending commissioners. The meeting tackled the following:

  • The CEC Chairman reviewed the recent meetings with Hamas and the national reconciliation issue agreed on yesterday, the 27th of April.
  • With regards to CEC’s preparations for local elections, the Chairman indicated that the nomination process will commence May 25th provided that no political decision to cancel or postpone elections is made based on the reconciliation agreement.



May 12, 2011-Ramallah/Gaza


Proceedings of Meeting


  • The CEC Chairman briefed Commissioners on the latest developments regarding local elections in light of the reconciliation agreement reached recently. Dr. Nassir indicated that a letter was addressed to the Prime Minister, Dr. Salam Fayyad, on May 7, 2011 illustrating the technical aspects related to the conduct of elections in Gaza and the legal timeframe needed prior to the commencement of the nomination process on May 25,2011.
  • It was agreed to resume communication with Hamas leadership to reopen CEC’s closed offices in Gaza.



July 17, 2011-Ramallah 


Proceedings of Meeting


  • The meeting discussed the possibility of holding elections in Gaza in light of the continuation of the closure of CEC offices. The CEC Chairman indicated that a meeting with the secretaries general of political factions on July 10,2011 and another meeting with the Prime Minister on July 12 on this regard.
  • The CEC decided to notify the Cabinet in writing on the impossibility of holding local elections in Gaza on the assigned date of October 22 due to the closure of CEC offices in the Strip. The CEC needs more than two weeks to reopen its Gaza offices to be able carry election activities which should commence on July 22 according to law.



October 26, 2011-Ramallah


Proceedings of Meeting


  1. The CEO briefed attendees on CEC’s preparations which were previously completed for the postponed local elections.
  2. The CEO discussed CEC’s current and future projects, mainly:

Enhancing Palestinian election participation project (Funded by the Italian Government)

• CEC’s Capacity building (supported by UNDP)

• Strengthening the readiness of the CEC (Supported by the EC)

• Developing a promotional media strategy for the Commission (with support of USAID)

The CEC also decided to renew contract with the legal consultant’s office of Mr. Raja Shehadeh for another year.


October 24, 2011-Ramallah

Proceedings of Meeting

General elections: The CEC’s Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nassir, discussed preparations required for general elections once it’s called. Dr. Nassir also indicated that he has recently addressed a letter to Mr. President informing him of the legal timeframe for elections as well as the additional six-week period the CEC needs to finalize election preparations in Gaza.


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