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Session Minutes No. 1 of 2018

Date: 6 March 2018

Place: CEC HQ in Ramallah- Gaza regional Office via Skype

  • The CEC approved the minutes of last meeting.
  • Chief Electoral Officer discussed the voter registry update for 2018. The Commission approved the recommendations of the executive office to target only high school students who turned the legal registration age of 17 and above and also approved E- Registration in the majority of schools.
  • Ms. Lamis Alami presented the recommendations of the inventory committee indicated in the report submitted to the Chairman and Commissioners of the CEC. The Commission approved the recommendations of the committee.
  • The CEC Chairman explained that the constructions works of the CEC’s new HQ has commenced a month ago and the Commission is not directly responsible for implementation.


Session Minutes NO. 2 of 2018

Date: 18 August 2018

Place: CEC HQ in Ramallah – Gaza Regional Office via skype

  • The CEC Reviewed the electoral lists which submitted nomination applications during the nomination period which ended at 3:00 PM today for the re-run local elections of 2018. The 22 lists represent 12 localities out of 20 localities included in the Cabinet’s decision to hold elections in.
  • The CEC decided to accept all of submitted nomination applications for meeting the legal nomination conditions.
  • In light of the Court’s decision issued on 14 August to halt elections in 2 localities, Tagfouh and Beit Awwa,  and the end of nomination period, it appears that 6 localities had more than one electoral list nominated in each,  6 localities had only one list nominated in each and 6 localities had no lists nominated.


Session Minutes No. 3 of 2018

Date: 23 September 2018

Place: CEC HQ- Gaza Regional Office via video conference


1. CEO briefed on the  polling process for the 2018 re-run local council elections, indicating that the voting percentage was 53.6% of eligible voters in the 5 localities. The number of valid votes was 5,951 (96.39%), blank ballots 1.36% and invalid ballots 2.25%.

2. The Commission endorsed the official preliminary results of the re-run local elections which was held in al Mazra Al-Sharqiyeh, Birzeit, Qira, Azoun Atmeh and Silet Al- Daher. The Commission also endorsed the results in the 6 localities which won by acclamation.

Session Minutes No. 4 of 2018

Date: 26 December 2018

Place: CEC HQ- Gaza Regional Office via video conference


1. Minutes of previous session were approved.

2. CEC Chairman discussed his last meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas, during which he expressed CEC’s readiness to hold elections upon the issue of a presidential decree calling for legislative elections in accordance with the law. CEC Chairman also confirmed during his meeting, the importance for the law to specify the electoral system by which elections will be held.

3. CEO, Hisham Kuhail, presented CEC’s annual budget for the year 2019 amounting to 25,301,785 USD which includes general elections budget upon its call. The budget was approved after discussions.

4. CEO also presented and discussed the Internal Auditor report.

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