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Final Report: 2007 Youth leadership elections in the summer camps

General information:
Total No. of summer camps where the project was implemented: 21
Total No. of registrants: 1294
Total No. of voters: 999 (77.2%)
Total No. of candidates: 198
Project period: 75 days, from 4/6 until 20/8/2007
Work area: the 11 West Bank districts
Budget: 5720$
Work team: All Public Relations department staff as well as the colleagues: Mohammad Makhlouf, Khalil Al-Hallaq, Saher Abu Daghash from the Operations Department, and Sameer Dwikat from the Electoral Affairs department as well as the West Bank districts coordinators.

Project progress
The project was divided into three phases: planning, implementation and evaluation

Phase one: Planning (4/6-16/7): In this stage, the cec drew the broad lines for the proposed project which included preparing the needed materials such as the forms, poll, brochure, budget and a substitute plan.

Phase two: Implementation (21/7-15/8): 80-90% of the project was implemented as planned. The rate of success varied from one district to another for external reasons. The districts coordinators abided by the project's broad lines and added some details in implementation which contributed in enriching the experience. A high level of participation and interaction with the project was demonstrated during all phases of implementation by the students who took the project seriously. The summer camps administration were very cooperative too. They praised the project and proposed that the project be expanded to include other camps.
The actual implementation of the project on the ground commenced on 21/7 in Jerusalem district and it ended by conducting the final polling and evaluation process in Hebron and Tubas on 15/8.
During the implementation of the project, a staff from the CEC headquarters visited all districts to supervise the project's progress. They attended most of the polling days and issued evaluation reports.
As for the coordinators, they also issued standard and detailed reports on a daily basis regarding the progress of each phase of the project in their districts.

Phase three: Evaluation (15/8-20/8)
This stage included reviewing the reports, conducting evolutionary meetings, issuing of the final report and preparing the thanking letters.

Poll results
In the project implementation plan it was decided to choose a random sample of  10% of the  camp students in ordered to complete a poll before and after the activity provided that they aren’t told about the after activity poll in order to measure the success of the project in raising the electoral education among them.

After analyzing the results of the poll, we discovered a lot of information which will be published in a detailed report later on. Following are the main findings the poll:

1. A noticeable increase in the percentage of correct answers following the implementation of the project compared to the pre activity results. For example and before the activity, 33.9% of the students in the sample correctly answered a question regarding the number of the Legislative Council members whereas after the activity, the percentage went up to reach 77.3%.
2. In this age, youth prefer practical application style: 72.9% of the participants said that they benefited the most from the practical phase of the project while the percentage dropped down into 13.6% in the theoretical part.
3. The students interest in the electoral process was progressive, it started by 8.5% during registration and 22% in elections campaigning, 31% in the polling day and 38.5% during the counting process which they found the most exciting of all phases.
4. The participants evaluation of the project was positive, 86.4% of the participants said that the activity was very good and only 10% described it as good.
5. The CEC trainers demonstrated a high level of professionalism. 53.7% strongly agreed on this and 44.6% agreed that the trainer used a clear method in explaining the information to the participants.
6. The most important question which the students were asked to answer at the end of the activity was :if you get the chance to participate a gain in another CEC project would you agree? 93.7% said yes.

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