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General Election Law No. 9 of 2005: Radio Spots

Voters' Daily Episodes

The purpose of these episodes is to introduce the General Elections Law in a smooth dramatic structure that will make it easy for the public to grasp the law in an easy and simple way and the legal approach of issues in the Law through the permanent characters and episodes guests.


  • Radio 1: Elections Law
  • Radio 2:The Mixed Electoral System: this episode will examine the mixed electoral system in a smooth dramatic way.
  • Radio 3: Elections participation requirements: in this episode two characters argue about the registration, polling and elections participation requirements.
  • Radio 4: Ensuring woman's right in the nomination for PLC membership in the elections Law. This episode will try to show how elections law guaranteed the right of women to be nominated based on the Lists system.
  • Radio 5: Nomination requirements for PLC membership.
  • Radio 6: Elections crimes: This episode will discuss in details the elections crimes and punishments.
  • Radio 7: The role of security forces on polling day.
  • Radio 8: Polling steps: the dramatic work will try to show the steps that voters will be following on polling day.
  • Radio 9: How to fill in the ballot papers correctly.
  • Radio 10: A special episode on the illiterate and the handicapped and their participation in the electoral process.


The new Elections Law

Several facts about the new elections law were recorded as radio flashes aiming at introducing voters to the main points in the elections law. They will be introduced in the form of a question "Did you know that…."

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