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Local Authorities 2011

Local authorities are defined by Local Council Elections Law No. 10 of 2005 as the units of local government within specific administrative areas, the borders of which are shaped by the accredited structural maps.


Local Authorities in Palestine

According to the Directory of Palestinian Populations and Denominations, which was issued in 2007 by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics and a commission formed by a number of ministries for this purpose, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip consist of 433 localities.


Local authorities are classified as municipalities, local council, project committees, or other types of bodies based on a number of criteria, such as population and area, in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Local Government.


Local Council Elections 2011

According to Cabinet’s decision No. (01/97/13/C/PA) dated 27 July 2011 and based on the letter of the Minister of Local Government No. (1/14/4126) dated 3 August 2011, the upcoming local elections will be held in 295 localities in the West Bank. Click here to view the localities.

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