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Training of Media Students in Universities 2018

As part of its long-term partnership and cooperation with Palestinian universities, the Central Elections Commission (CEC) implemented a project ‘’ training of media students’’ in five universities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Targeted universities are: Brizeit, Al-Najah National University, Hebron, Gaza and the Islamic University. The project was funded by the Government of Norway and implemented during the months from July to December 2018. 

The project targeted 150 media students through provision of training on accurate media coverage of elections by 15 media lecturers from selected universities. The training covered issues related to democracy and elections, proper usage of electoral terminology and media productions. 

The project resulted in the development of 50 audio, visual and print media productions focused on electoral issues, management of electoral campaigns, and elections participation. Fifteen productions, three from each university, where selected and broadcasted in local media outlets, noting that the views expressed in the productions do not necessarily represent the views of neither the CEC nor the Government of Norway.

Project Outputs: (Arabic)


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