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The CEC meets with representatives of Local Observation Bodies

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The CEC held, on Wednesday, a meeting in its headquarters at Al-Bireh with 30 representatives from accredited local observation bodies. 
During the meeting, the representatives were informed of the CEC’s procedures for the accreditation of local observation bodies and observers, as well as the code of conduct for local observers. Discussions followed, along with the CEC answering all inquiries and questions about the Observation process in the 2021 Local Elections. 
It has been agreed that all organizations will cooperate in holding decentralized trainings for the CEC’s accredited observers during the upcoming period, aiming at informing them of the CEC’s procedures during the upcoming phases of the electoral process, and especially during the polling and counting phase.
It should be indicated, that organizations wishing to observe the 2021 Local elections, can submit online applications through the CEC’s website: before Monday 25/10/2021. On the other hand, the CEC considers all observation cards that were issued in the 2021 postponed General Elections as valid for the 2021 Local Elections. 
On a different note, the CEC’s district office in Nablus held a meeting with the representatives of Political parties, where they discussed developments of the first phase of the Local Elections, and the procedures for the nomination process and its conditions. 
These meetings are held in preparation for the start of the Nomination period for the 2021 Local Elections starting on Tuesday morning 26/10/2021, and ending on Thursday evening 4/11/2021.

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