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CEC publishes the final registry of electoral lists and candidates

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The Central Elections Commission (CEC) published today; Saturday, the final registry of electoral lists and candidates for the first phase of the 2021 Local Elections, In conjunction with the start of the Electoral Campaigning period, which will last until 9/12/2021.
Polling in 154 Localities
The CEC clarified that according to the final registry of Electoral lists and candidates, polling; which is scheduled for 11/12/2021, will take place in 154 localities. Among each of which, more than one electoral list was nominated. The total number of nominated electoral lists reached 573; which included 4480 candidates, who are competing for 1514 seats. 
In 162 localities, the CEC announced the nomination of a sole electoral list in each. They will be announced as winners by acclamation on the declaration day of election results. The number of candidates, representing those localities’ seats in this case, reached 1498. 
The CEC also explained that the elections will not take place in 60 localities, (due to the   incomplete nomination of electoral lists in 10 of them, in addition to 50 localities where no electoral lists were nominated). The Palestinian cabinet will decide on the state of these localities’ local councils. 
The number of female candidates in all accepted electoral lists reached 1551 candidates with a percentage of 25.9% of the total number of candidates, which reached 5978. It is worthy of mentioning that, female candidates head nine electoral lists.

Commencement of the Electoral Campaigning period
Saturday as well marks the commencement of the Electoral Campaigning period according to the previously announced legal calendar and timeframes, which will last for 13 days. Among which, electoral lists and candidates can announce their electoral programs, and invite voters to vote of them, according to the regulations and provision of the law. 
Electoral programs will be published on its website: ( Indicating as well, that it has supervised the preparation and the publishing of the free Electoral campaigning for the nominated lists in the official media, as specified by the law. 

On the other hand, the CEC started its informative outreach campaign that is precisely tailored for the Electoral campaigning period, which aims at informing citizens of the Electoral campaigning practices allowed by the regulations and provision of the law. 
The campaign invites citizens as well, to participate in the monitoring process over the latter. The campaign includes workshops and meetings in the localities that are included in the first phase of the elections. As well as it publishes, through various media and social media platforms the related information about this period and its regulations, for all citizens to see. 
The CEC invites citizens to report any violations to the provisions of Electoral Campaigning through the submission of complaints in all of the CEC’s electoral district offices in the West bank. As well as, invites them to report if any electoral lists or candidates are prohibited from practicing their right to do Electoral campaigning.

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