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CEC Chairman Receives Jordanian Delegation of Observers

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The Central Elections Commission (CEC) Chairman, Hanna Nasir, received a Jordanian delegation from the Independent Election Commission (IEC) today, headed by Khaled Al-Kalaldeh, at the CEC headquarters in Al-Bireh.

The guest delegation was welcomed by Chairman Nasir and briefed on the CEC’s ongoing election preparations, which have been tailored to accommodate the obstacles presented by COVID-19. The Chairman also explained the stages of the Palestinian electoral process, including registration, exhibition and challenges, as well as the recent launch of the list nominations period for Legislative Council membership two days ago. List nominations are scheduled to continue until the end of March. 

Nasir expressed his gratitude to the IEC for participating as observers in the 2021 Palestinian elections, emphasizing the importance of local, Arab, and international observation in order to ensure the integrity and transparency of the electoral process. Nasir also expressed the CEC’s readiness to receive observing bodies and facilitate their invaluable work throughout the different stages of the electoral process.

Al-Kalaldeh affirmed the deep ties between the Jordanian and Palestinian people as well as the long-standing partnership between the Jordanian IEC and Palestinian CEC, including the exchange of experiences and expertise through the Arab EMBs (of which both Jordan and Palestine are founding members). 


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