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The CEC wins International Electoral Award

The CEC wins International Electoral Award

Basel Alqasem

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) was awarded the first prize of the 17th International Electoral Affairs Symposium which was held in the Ghanaian capital Accra during the period 28-29 January.

On Tuesday evening, the CEC won the electoral conflict management award for its role in dedicating the electoral approach in the selection of local council members as an alternative to appointment. CEO, Hisham Kuhail, represented the CEC in the annual symposium in which Palestine competed with a number of candidate countries such as the United States, Kenya and Afghanistan.

It should be indicated that the International Electoral Symposium is organized annually by the International Center for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS), with participation of election committees from around the world where they meet to discuss electoral issues and exchange expertise. The symposium culminates in the awarding of prizes by an international panel to innovative projects and initiatives carried out by electoral commissions, and in honor of best practice electoral initiatives assessed based on a set of international standards and criteria.  

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