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Security forces cast their votes today

Security forces cast their votes today

Basel Alqasem

The CEC announces the commencement of early voting for security forces from 7:00 am till 7:00 pm today in ten polling centers across the West Bank districts.

The early voting of security forces procedures are applied in the localities which have more than 200 thousand registered security personnel. Eleven thousand security members will cast their votes today in centers designated for this purpose. Security personnel whose names are not included in the early voting list, will cast their votes on the official polling day on 13 May, provided they are registered voters.

At the end of the polling day, sealed ballot boxes will remain securely kept and guarded inside the centers. Observers and agents of electoral lists may take turns monitoring the rooms to ensure the integrity of procedures. The counting of early voting ballot boxes will begin at the end of the official polling day in conjunction with the beginning of the counting process in all stations and centers.

The electoral process will be observed by accredited local and international observers and journalists. The CEC has previously accredited 500 local and 130 international journalists and media representatives who will be covering the event, in addition to 1400 observers from 70 local and international observation bodies


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