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Registration for the upcoming local elections is now open

Registration for the upcoming local elections is now open

Basel Alqasem

 In a press conference held today in Ramallah, the CEC announced the commencement of voter registry update until August 9, 2012 in preparation for the upcoming local elections scheduled on October 20, 2012.

In a following statement, the CEC announced that around 754 registration centers in 353 localities in the West Bank including Jerusalem will be open from 9:00 am until 2:00pm. More than 1800 registration staff will be available to assist citizens in all targeted localities.

During the conference, CEC Chairman Dr. Hanna Nasir, encouraged citizens to participate in the last chance of registration prior to elections in order to be able to exercise their legal right of voting according to law.

 Dr. Hanna Nasir, CEC Chairman, presenting at voter registration conference

 According to recent estimations by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the total population of the West Bank stands at 2,279,230 by mid 2012. 1,284,560 of which are eligible registrants (above 17 yrs old) for local elections. Whereas the actual number of West Bank voters registered with the CEC by August 17, 2011 is 959,575.

The statement also referred to the voter awareness campaign conducted prior to registration which included the distribution of awareness material to targeted population centers as well as a door to door registration campaign carried out in 21 localities.

It should be indicated that he total number of localities where local elections will be held is 353. 98 of which are municipal councils, 245 are village councils and 10 are local councils.

On this occasion, the CEC calls upon political parties, CSOs and the public to cooperate with the Commission in making a success of the registration process.


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