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Presidential Decree No. ( 1 ) of 2021 On the Call for Legislative Presidential and National Council Elections

President of the State of Palestine
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization

Based on the Basic System of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, and
The amended Basic Law of 2003, and its amendments, and 
After Reviewing the Declaration of Independence Document issued by the Palestinian Legislative Council, and 
Having reviewed the Supreme Constitutional Court resolution (Interpretational) No (10) of (3) Judicial and, 
Decree-Law No. (1) of 2007 on general elections and its amendments, and 
Based on the powers invested in us, and
For the sake of public interest,

We hereby issue the following:

Article (1)
The Palestinian People in Jerusalem and all constituencies of the nation are invited to general, free and direct elections via secret balloting to:

1. Elect members of the Palestinian Legislative Council on Saturday, 22/05/2021.
2. Elect President of the State of Palestine on Saturday, 31/07/2021.

Article (2)
The Legislative Council Elections shall be considered the first stage for the election of the Palestinian National Council. 

Article (3)
The formation of the Palestinian National Council shall be completed on 31/08/2021, in accordance with article (5) of the Basic system of the Palestinian Liberation organization.

Article (4)
The Central Elections Commission shall prepare, organize and supervise legislative and presidential elections in accordance with the general elections law in effect. 

Article (5)
All that contradicts with the provisions of this decree shall be annulled.

Article (6)
The Chairman and members of the Central Elections Commission and all competent authorities, each within its jurisdiction, shall implement the provisions of this decree. The decree shall be effective from the date of its issuance and shall be published in the official gazette.

Issued in the city of Ramallah on 15/01/2021

Mahmoud Abbas 
President of the State of Palestine
Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization

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