Session Minutes No. 1 of 2020

Date: 13 January 2020

Place: CEC HQ- Garza Regional Office via video conference



  • CEC Chairman discussed with Commissioners the latest developments with regards to general elections and CEC’s consultations with political parties which resulted in the consent of all parties to participate in the elections.
  • Commissioners discussed and approved CEC’s 2020 budget and entrusted the executive office with following up with the Ministry of Finance.
  • Commissioners reviewed the electoral procedures put forward by the executive office in preparations for general elections.
  • The CEO provided a brief summary of CEC’s projects in the coming two years as part of a funding agreement with the EU.

Session Minutes No. 2 of 2020

Date: 06 October 2020

Place: CEC HQ – Gaza Regional Office via video conference – Lamis Alami via (Zoom)



• The CEC approved the previous meeting minutes.
• The CEC discussed the latest developments with regards to general elections and consultations taking place between Fatah, Hamas and other Palestinian factions to reach reconciliation and agree on the date of general elections. In this regard, Dr. Nasir mentioned that the CEC initiated internal preparations for the electoral process, while awaiting the issuance of the Presidential Decree that enables the CEC to commence its work in accordance with the law. 
• CEC Chairman referred to some of the amendments to the Elections Decree-Law No. (1) of 2007, prepared by the CEC during the previous reconciliation dialogue in 2019, in addition to some technical amendments. A Presidential Decree including these amendments will be issued before issuing the Decree calling for elections. 
• CEC Chief Electoral Officer briefed the Chairman and Commissioners on the initial elections plan and proposed calendar. In addition, CEO pointed out that the CEC is currently coordinating with the Ministry of Health to mainstream the electoral plans and procedures with the health protocols in light of Covid-19 pandemic.
• The CEC decided to adopt the recruitment policy approved during the former electoral processes (copy attached).
• CEC Chairman indicated that the CEC is undergoing a tough financial status, being highly affected by the financial position of the Palestinian Authority.

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