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Voting ends in the 2017 complementary local elections

Voting ends in the 2017 complementary local elections

Basel Alqasem

The Central Elections Commission (CEC) announces the end of voting for the 2017 complementary local elections and closure of polling centers at 7:00 pm today.  Only voters inside polling stations were permitted to vote after the scheduled timing.

The total number of voters in the 14 localities in which elections were held reached 27,255 out of 42,844 registered eligible voters in the said localities with a voting percentage of 63.6%. 
The counting process commenced at the premises of polling stations immediately after the closure of polling centers. At the end of this process, the number of votes obtained by candidate lists in the local authority will be announced.

The CEC stated that the voting process proceeded smoothly without any challenges nor recorded violations that would affect the elections results.

The preliminary elections results will be published on Sunday, July 30th, 2017 through CEC’s website.The preliminary results will include the number of votes and seats obtained by each list, in addition to the names of winning candidates.

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