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The CEC Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nasir, meets the Jordanian and the Egyptian observation delegations

Monday, January 23, 2006

Today, the CEC Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nasir met with 30 observers from the Jordanian observation delegation headed by the former Jordanian Prime Minister, Dr. Abdel Salam al-Majali at the CEC headquarters.

The meeting was attended by the CEC commissioners, Judge As'ad Mubarak, Judge Lamis al-Alami, Judge Iman Nasir Addin and the CEC’s Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Ammar Dwaik. Several issues concerning the upcoming elections were discussed, particularly Elections Law No. 9 of 2005 and the CEC's preparations for the polling day scheduled for 25 January. The delegation commended the CEC’s efforts.

Dr. Nasir also met with 30 observers from the Egyptian observation delegation headed by Ambassador Midhat Bahjat. The majority of the delegation’s members are ambassadors, diplomatic corps members and ministers from the Egyptian Ministry of Exterior.

Topics of discussion included the CEC’s preparations for Election Day and the allocation of parliamentary seats in the mixed electoral system.


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