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CEC decides on Voter’s Registry objections

Sunday, January 16, 2022

The Central Elections Commission completed today; Sunday, the examination of 25 submitted objections on the preliminary Voter’s Registry for the Registration, Exhibition and Challenge period during the (second phase) of the Local Elections.

The CEC rejected 17 objections revolving around switching the registration from a locality where the Elections in its first phase took place to a locality where the Elections did not happen yet. As well as switching the registration without an ID change of address. While the CEC accepted 8 objections about correcting personal voters’ data, announcing a death, and switching the registration to another locality.

The CEC formally notified the objectees of its decisions. Knowing that appeals against a CEC decision may be submitted before the Elections Court up until Thursday evening 20/01/2022. The court will adjudicate on the submitted appeals within five days. After the issuance of the court’s final decision, the CEC will announce the final numbers of eligible voters who will be able to participate in the second phase of the Local Elections, in preparation for the Nomination period. Which will start on 08/02/2022 and will last for 10 days.  



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