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CEC Chairman Briefs PLO Executive Committee

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The Central Elections Commission (CEC) Chairman, Hanna Nasir, participated in a meeting last night to brief the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee, chaired by President Mahmoud Abbas, on the upcoming 2021 Palestinian elections, highlighting the elections scheduled to take place in Jerusalem.
Nasir briefed the Chair and members of the Executive Committee on the general electoral landscape, including the details of the ongoing electoral process until now. Chairman Nasir emphasized that the CEC, serving as an executive authority, is prepared to hold elections in Jerusalem in accordance with the existing protocols that allow the polling process to take place in six post offices in Jerusalem, which hold a maximum capacity of 6,300 voters. The CEC has provided and trained the technical teams necessary to facilitate the polling process across Jerusalem suburbs for the remaining 150,000 eligible Jerusalemite voters.
The Chairman emphasized that if the Palestinian leadership has not yet received a response from the Israeli authorities concerning their commitment to upholding the protocols for elections in Jerusalem before the commencement of the election campaigning period, or within a reasonable timeframe, the CEC, serving as an executive authority, is prepared to take additional measures. These measures will be based on the direction of the political leadership and consultations with both the Islamic and national political factions.

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