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The CEC and the EU Sign a Funding Agreement

The CEC and the EU Sign a Funding Agreement

Basel Alqasem
The Central Elections Commission (CEC), represented by Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nasir., and the European Union (EU) represented by the Head of Cooperation, Mr. Gerhard Krause, signed today a grant agreement in the amount of 2.600,000 Euros to fund CEC projects over the next two years.
The two-year project aims to maintain CEC readiness for any upcoming elections, buttress its institutional capacities and strengthen its relations with election stakeholders. The main activities that will be implemented in the West Bank (WB) and Gaza Strip (GS) include upgrading CEC’s new Headquarters, enhancing the human resource base of the CEC, dissemination of electoral knowledge and education among youth in schools and universities, building the capacities of elections cadre, empowering and enabling political participation of persons with disabilities and collaborating with Civil Society Organizations through grants to implement electoral awareness activities for various social groups.
It should be indicated that this agreement is part of continuous cooperation between the CEC and the EU since CEC’s establishment.
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