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The CEC announces the preliminary election results

The CEC announces the preliminary election results

Basel Alqasem

CEC Chairman, Dr. Hanna Nasir, announced today the preliminary results of the 2017 Local Council Elections during a press conference held at CEC’s media center in Al-Bireh.

Dr. Nasir stated that the final voting percentage reached 53.4% of the total eligible voters in 145 localities where elections were held yesterday. The total number of valid ballots is403,213  , the percentage of blank ballots is 1.3%  and invalid ballots 2.75%. 

Dr. Nasir said that the CEC Commissioners met today at CEC’s premises in Al-Bireh and via video conference with Gaza Regional Office and examined elections complaints and reports submitted by observation missions. The CEC saw that none of the examined complaints have effect on the election results.

The results demonstrate that independent lists won 65% of the total contested council seats, whereas partisan lists obtained 35% of seats.

The CEC has also, during the meeting, endorsed the official preliminary election results which were published at the end of counting which commenced yesterday’s evening immediately after the closing of polling centers, management of election data, and  allocation of seats in accordance with Sainte-Lague method. 

The CEC has also announced the names of electoral lists which won by acclamation in 181 localities due to having only one list nominated in each.

It should be indicated that despite the fact that the elections law gives the CEC 72 hours to announce the preliminary election results, however, the CEC has exerted all efforts to publish the results within less than 24 hours to enable citizens to review results and submit any objections before the elections court.

According to local council elections law, voters, candidates or their agents may object to election results before the competent court within one week of the announcement of results. The Court adjudicates appeals within five days of submission and issues its final and binding decisions. The final results will be then published and submitted to the Ministry of Local Government.

The CEC wishes to extend its utmost appreciation and thanks to Palestinian voters for their participation, the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Local Government, the Ministry of Interior and the security forces, media representatives, political parties, electoral lists and local and international observers. The CEC pays special thanks to its dedicated staff for their efforts in achieving free, transparent and integral elections in which we take pride.

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