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Nomination for the second complementary election is now open

Nomination for the second complementary election is now open

Basel Alqasem

Nomination for the second complementary elections is open as of today until April 25th, 2013. CEC offices will be open to lists, political parties and to citizens wishing to submit nomination applications in 36 localities where elections will be held from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.

In preparation for this, the CEC conducted training for its staff who will be responsible for receiving nomination applications and documents. The CEC also met with representatives of political parties to explain nomination procedures.

According to elections law, the candidate for the membership of local council should:

- Attain 25 years or more on Election Day

- Have his/her name enlisted in the final voters list

- Not be convicted with a felony against honor or a crime

- Not be an employee for the ministry of local government, public security and a local council

- Reside within the local community in which he/she is running for a period of no less than One year.

- Not be a candidate in another electoral district or within another list


CEC procedures attest to the right of political parties, coalitions or groups to form electoral lists for the purpose of nomination for the membership of local councils. Registration of electoral lists will be through a special application form which can be obtained from CEC’s central election bureau in Ramallah or any of CEC’s district offices or CEC’s webpage: . Complete nomination applications are to be submitted by the list representative to the district office in the locality to which the list wishes to be nominated for council membership.

Upon processing of applications, the CEC will publish the preliminary list of candidates on Sunday, April 28th in the district offices and the premises of local councils to enable lists to verify registration information and voters to review the list of candidates and object to the nomination of any list or candidate they deem illegal.


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