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The CEC participates in the students council’s elections project in Jerusalem

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The CEC participated in organizing a project for "students councils elections" conducted by Banat Al- Quds UNRWA School in its headquarters in Bab Al- Maghariba neighborhood in Jerusalem. The schools administration addressed an invitation to the CEC through the Jerusalem district office to assist in organizing and conducting this activity. The CEC prepared the polling and counting procedures and conducted training workshops for the students on the polling process after preparing the necessary ballot forms, the counting protocols and tally sheets. The CEC also provided the school with the polling and counting materials such as the ballot boxes, voterzzz*zs ink and seals.

15 students competed over the 6 councilzzz*zs seats before the commencement of the elections campaigning activities which included the publishing of the electoral programs in the school premises and conducting a debate between the candidates. On Wednesday 18 October, 2006, the polling process was conducted. 150 students out of 180 as well as the schoolzzz*zs teachers headed to the ballot boxes prepared by the CEC to choose their candidates. The voting process was conducted based on a voters list containing the names of the eligible voters.

On its part, the school administration thanked the CEC for the efforts exerted in planning and organizing this activity and for training the students on the elections procedures. 


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