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A new issue of the commissions newsletter is released

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

The CEC issued the 16th issue of the commissions periodic newsletter which contains a number of elections related topics and several statistics regarding the previous local elections rounds as well as a summary on the localities where the next round of local elections will be held.

The newsletter also focused on the responsibility of holding local  elections which was passed to the CEC  and provided an overview on the elections law based on which the next round will be held and a summary on the Second PLC elections report issued by the CEC. On the other hand, the newsletter referred to the local and international observation reports which were submitted to the CEC following the latest PLC elections. It also contained a report on the CECzzz*zs website and the importance of information it provides to different elections stakeholders whether they are  candidates, political parties, observers or media outlets.

This Newsletter issue will be distributed on the governmental institutions, political parties, municipalities, NGOs as well as other organizations interested in the electoral process. The newsletter is currently published on the CECzzz*zs website and can be obtained through the CEC district offices or Headquarter in Ramallah.


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