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The CEC commences the archiving project of its documents

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The CEC commenced the archiving process for its documents for the purpose of maintaining them. This procedure comes in execution of CEC previous decision, and in the context of keeping the CEC as a permanent organization.

The importance of the paper and electronic archiving project stems from the adoption of a standard classification system for all documents which in turn, will facilitate the documentation process. This project will determine the importance of the documents and their saving period. It will also work on forming legal spoiling committee and will put limits on the authorities granted for perusing documents.

The project will keep the documents for a longer period through archiving them electronically. This in turn, will minimize the risk of the documents being lost, destroyed or forged and will also decrease the amount of papers and folders used and thus decreasing the CEC expenditure.

The project will be carried out in two stages. The first stage will focus on sorting and classifying all paper documents at the CEC departments and sections while the second stage will concentrate on applying of a standard electronic system for managing and using of paper documents between the administrative sections. The project will also work on establishing a central electronic archiving unit at the CEC Headquarters to supervise all CEC documents in the internal and external departments.

In order to accomplish this project, the CEC referred to the UN volunteerszzz*z office which delegated an expert in the paper and electronic archiving systems to work for the CEC. The work on this project is expected to be finalized in one year since each stage needs six months to be completed.


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